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Comment: ASEAN Charter is nothing to over-reaching Thailand

By Kok Sap

16 October 2008

From all happenings, how Thailand conscience sleeps at night?

From the miniature war yesterday, ridiculously, Thailand acted innocent. It attempts to soak the international attention in its crocodile tears. Legally Thailand is causing death to Cambodians. Yet in the eyes of ASEAN and UN, Cambodia is not a favorable nation.Thus its grievance carries no weight. 

Here listen to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed “deep concern” over Wednesday’s gunfire between the soldiers of the two countries near a disputed ancient temple. “He calls on both parties to exercise utmost restraint and urges them to expedite bilateral talks so that their differences can be resolved peacefully.”

From real history, Ban is too ignorant to understand Cambodia.Present border between Thai and Khmer has indirectly inherited from 1904-1907 from both colonial powers, French-Siam Joint Border Commission. Then during World War II Japan and France swapped Cambodia land to make concessions with then Siam. Subsequently Cambodia tragedy that caused nearly 2 million deaths was related to sovereignty and territorial issues. In all, unjustly, Cambodia bore the brunt from the imperialists fall outs.

Nonetheless, to date, it is Thailand that keeps taunting war recovering Cambodia. Thailand wants the world to agree and side with its over-reaching and war calling nature.  It forgot that Cambodia has not been the cause.

For whatever its displeasure Thailand is in the wrong side of international court. It should take its grievance to the root either France or Japan but not the victim, Cambodia.

Worst, ASEAN, a boasting power broker in SE Asia, has poorly assessed the seriousness of Cambodia grievance. It has miserably failed the opportunity to make impression on its ONE vision. The same token its leadership was not only unhelpful but arrogantly expressive in favor of the violator, Thailand.

Arbitrarily, on 24 July 2008 Mr. George Yeo, from Singapore and former ASEAN Chairman, downplayed how insignificant of Cambodia complaint against Thailand. He threatened Cambodia to use bilateral resolution or else ASEAN will see to UN Security Council not hearing Cambodia proper complaint.

In spite of Thailand belligerences, Cambodia must sit and patiently accept Thailand continually contempt since July 15, 2008.

Thailand initial tantrum started two years ago when Cambodia wanting to turn Preah Vihear, its heritage site, to UNESCO for humanity interest and preservation. It made a lot of senses for Cambodia since it lacks resource and technology to up keep the 900 year old Khmer temple.

From then on Cambodia has persistently appealed to Thailand governments included Bangkok Palace’s Junta in its efforts to inscribe Preah Vihear with UNESCO. But Thailand kept playing chicken and egg game with Cambodia. Also ASEAN is failing its impartiality in urging Thailand to fully abide with its one vision, one community, one identity Charter.

Last July, Cambodia arrested then released three disorderly Thai national who violated Cambodia laws and territorial sovereignty. Again after yesterday the shoot to kill incident, Cambodia defense force captured 10 or more soldiers of Thai national.

According to Major General Srey Deuk, commander of Cambodian troop operations in the disputed border area, said Cambodia had agreed to release the Thai soldiers after talks on Thursday with senior Thai military officials.

“We handed their weapons back to them already,” Srey Deuk said, adding that the troops had been released and allowed to walk around the disputed area.

Thailand, however, has maintained that none of their troops were captured by Cambodia. “They are not Thai,” said Lieutenant General Wiboonsak Neeparn, Thailand’s north-eastern army commander, after the meeting with Cambodian officials.

Here is the real problem with Thailand, either government or people can’t keep straight face talk.

In 2005 Thai embassy in Phnom Penh was destroyed because its national provoked unnecessary insults on Cambodia. Yet Thailand has never learned Cambodians would take as much as it keeps rubbing salt in old wound over and over.

From history, Thailand has been known to have said anything to hide its hypocritical nature. Then as usual it turns around to lay blames on others.

Under the ASEAN banner, Thailand  is responsible for the intractable pains and anguishes for Cambodia for the longest history. In spite of Thailand expansionistic malice, yet Cambodia let Thai nationals off the hook unharmed again and again. 


Written by Kham

17/10/2008 at 2:42 am

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Thailand Failed 1932 Revolution Promise

8 October 2008

By Kok Sap       

To date Thailand is held hostage by the anti government division and monarchism.

On one side of the divide is the government, elected to a convincing majority late last year with the support of the rural poor who, until Thaksin came along, were largely ignored by the political elite.

Since 1932 Revolution, democracy in Thailand breeds a difference among other things. Royal mandate was not only unlimited but uncontested.

From 2001, Thaksin became the first real democracy phenomenon. He wooed the poor with plans for health care, education and loans for village improvement, and in the process welded together a political machine that has so far proved unstoppable.
His populism raises fear in the institutional establishments mostly in urban and despotism class. Thaksin and his successors became perfect scapegoat of fostering corruption and vote buying, and wanting to overthrow the king.

By putting fear in the dynastic institution, oppositions have impeded Thailand human and political rights. The conspirators pretend to show respect for King Bhumibol Adulyadej. But actually they mobilize hatred culture and divisiveness to keep poor from being equal. The conspiracy is endangering future generations with ethnics’ war and neighboring sovereign nations.

Oppositions have vowed to bring down the government that was elected my majority last December. They are using false accusations and monkey conspiracy to convince the fearful dynastic circle to secretly order a military coup to dethrone majority elected Thaksin in 2006. Since then Thailand has lost its assumed democracy and self respect.


Written by Kham

09/10/2008 at 2:30 am