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U.S. pledges to preserve being in ASEAN region

JAKARTA, March 5 (Xinhua) — A senior U.S. diplomat stationed in ASEAN said on Monday that the country would preserve its being in the Southeast Asia region as a partner in solving possible ” problems in the region” and teammate to share the prosperity that could be tapped between the two economies.

“We shall continue our being in the Southeast Asia region that has been increasingly important to this day. We had started since 35 years ago and expecting further engagement and cooperation that could benefit our economies and relations,” David Carden, U.S. Ambassador to ASEAN said in a dialogue session here.

He said that the joining of the United States in the East Asia Summit (EAS) group was a proof of the United States’ willingness to get more engaged with the region in its future foreign policies and trade.

Carden said that the current U.S. President Barrack Obama has visited the region more frequently than his predecessors, showing the United States’ true intention to have more engagement and cooperation with the most stable regional bloc in the world.

“President Obama also highly expected his successor to continue and improve the United States’ current engagement and policies in the region so as to improve relationship between the two entities, ” Carden added.

Together with Russia, the United States joined the economic cooperation forum of EAS Group in Bali Indonesia November last year.

The joining of the two countries are expected to widen the economic cooperation already joined by ten ASEAN countries plus Japan, China, South Korea, India, Australian and New Zealand.

The zone covered by the economic pact is believed to be the generator of the world’s future economy as it is less impacted by the financial crisis that has been battering the international markets.


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05/03/2012 at 8:30 pm

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