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Democrats consider seeking Pheu Thai dissolution

The opposition Democrat Party is wondering whether to seek a court order for the dissolution of ruling Pheu Thai Party in connection with the disqualification of a party MP, who was found to have used false documents to contest last year’s general elections.

Democrat MP Wirut Kalayasiri said yesterday that the party was collecting evidence to determine whether Pheu Thai had fielded this candidate despite being aware that he was not qualified.

“We will see if any Pheu Thai executives were involved in or abetted this fraud. If so, we will take action and petition for the party’s dissolution,” the opposition MP said.

Earlier this week, the Election Commission disqualified Pheu Thai MP for Nakhon Sawan, Dissathat Kamprakob, after he was found to have been a resident of the constituency for less than five years.

According to the Constitution, an election candidate needs to have his or her name on house registration documents for a consecutive period of no less than five years.

Wirut, a Democrat legal expert, said yesterday that initial examination found that Dissathat had used the ID card of his younger brother Dissathai, who was accused by the Democrats of having changed his first name into Dissathat – the same as his elder brother’s.

Yesterday, Wirut said it appeared that Dissathat, the Pheu Thai candidate, had used falsified documents and filed a false report with officials, in addition to coercing a local official to certify his residency documents.

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