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2 levels of reconciliation achieved in successful by-election in Myanmar: ASEAN chief

JAKARTA, April 9 (Xinhua) — Two levels of reconciliations had been achieved in the successful by-election in Myanmar in April 1, the ASEAN top official said here on Monday.

ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsuwan told audience of the Post 20th ASEAN Summit and Related Meetings Briefing at the ASEAN Secretariat that with the success of the democracy process, Myanmar would be no longer “a problem” in ASEAN.

“Inside Myammar, there are two levels of reconciliation. First, the general reconciliation in the body of politics among parties, non parties and private sector,” said Pitsuwan.

And the second is, he said, the reconciliation in the country’ s nationalities.

“I told (democratic leader) Aung San Su Kyi that with her in there, the reconciliation process will somehow be a mutually sportive,” said Pitsuwan.

He said that as now opposition is a part of the government, it would reflect a thing exists in every democracy.

Pitsuwan also said that he has talked to Myanmar president about the democracy process.

“He had told me that the process is more important than result. Many except, recognize and respect the result,” said Pitswan.

He also stressed the importance of successful by-election that was observed by the ASEAN Secretariat.

“While we were observing, we were impressed by development of politics, economy and socio-culture there,” he said.

He also reiterated actions by ASEAN member states to call Western countries to lift sanction on Myanmar.

“Our leaders had stated to call Western countries in a strong, clear, solid and unified voice: please lift the sanction,” he said.

Chairman’s statement of the 20th ASEAN Summit on April 3-4 called for the listing of all sanctions on Myanmar immediately in order to contribute positively to the democratic process and economic development in the country.

Member states also reaffirmed their commitment to extending necessary assistance and cooperation in view of Myanmar’s chairmanship in 2014.

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