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Khmer- Siam interior ministers agree to boost cooperation along border

PHNOM PENH, April 27 (Xinhua) — Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sar Kheng and his Thai counterpart Yongyuth Wichaidit on Friday afternoon signed a minute, agreeing to intensify bilateral cooperation in all fields for the interests of respective countries and peoples.

The signing ceremony was made after the two ministers co- chaired the fourth meeting of governors of Cambodian and Thai border provinces, which was attended by governors of eight Cambodian border provinces and seven Thai border province chiefs.

According to the signed minute, the two ministers expressed their sincere desires to further strengthen the previous close cooperation and friendly relations, saying that the visit of Yongyuth Wichaidit in Cambodia marked a new phase in strengthening the close and warm relationship between the two nations.

It added that both sides also expressed their firm commitments for the effective management of border crossing and agreed to promote cooperation for the prevention and suppression of all illegal activities along the border areas, especially related to transnational crimes including terrorism, drugs trafficking, human trafficking, act of piracy, smuggling of antiques and illegal weapons, money laundering, international and regional economic crimes and cyber crimes.

In order to promote the quality of life of the people living along the border area of both countries, and to boost the bilateral trade volume, the meeting agreed to facilitate the exchange of goods and agricultural products of the people along the border areas through considering the establishment of new market at appropriate border areas of each country.

The two sides also agreed to address the issue of illegal crossing of border with mutual understanding in accordance with the internationally recognized principles and practice and each country’s law and regulations.

“Our focus of cooperation is on border security, border crossing, and trade for the better living for both sides’ peoples along the border,” Sar Kheng told reporters after the meeting. “I hope that the meeting will bring progress in the bilateral relations.”

The two ministers agreed that the next meeting will be held in Thailand in 2013.

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