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Khmer-Siam Press Release on JWG meeting

Press Release

The Outcome of the Second Meeting of the Cambodia-Thailand Joint Working Group (JWG) for the implementation of the ICJ’s order for provisional measures dated

18 July 2011

on 26-28June 2012 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


The Cambodian Joint Working Group (JWG-C) led by General Neang Phat, Secretary of State, Ministry of National Defense and Chairman of the JWG for the implementation of the ICJ’s order for provisional measures dated 18 July 2011 accompanied by representatives from the Office of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Interior, Border Committee, Council of Jurists, Governor of Preah Vihear Province, Commander of Military Region 4, Commander of Intervention Division 3, representative from National Police held the second meeting with the Thai Counterpart led by Gen. Worapong Sanganetra, Joint Chief of Staff of Royal Thai Army on 27-28 June 2012.  Both sides assigned their technical working group comprised of 7 members each to discuss the content of the record of discussion led by H.E. Mr. Suos Yara, Under Secretary of State of the Office of the Council of Ministers for Cambodian side and Gen. Nipat Thonglek, Director General of General Department of Policy and Planning and Lt. Gen. Voravit Darunchoo, Director of Department of Border Affairs for Thai side. It took 25 hours for this purpose. The meeting has agreed as follows:

1.      The Second Meeting of the Joint Working Group (JWG-2) was held on 26 – 28 June 2012 in Phnom Penhin a warm and friendly atmosphere, on the basis of equality, equity, and mutual benefits of both countries.

2.      Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the ICJ’s Order.

3.      Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to maintain and to promote long-standing peaceful co-existence between the peoples of the two countries and to prevent harmful activities which may adversely affect the PDZ.

4.      Both sides have been working closely toward the progress of good cooperation based on the existing mechanisms. The aforementioned cooperation has contributed to sustainable peace at the border areas between the two countries, especially in the Provisional Demilitarized Zone (PDZ) as determined by the ICJ’s Order for Provisional Measures.

5.      Both sides agreed to task CMAC and TMAC to discuss joint-demining plan in order to provide safety to the Joint Observers Team (JOT) and to facilitate the process of redeployment in the third week of July 2012 in Bangkok.

6.      The redeployment should be carried out within 30 days under the inspection ofthe Joint Observers Team (JOT) after the completion of joint-demining by CMAC and TMAC in the required areas starting from the priority point A,B,C,D of the PDZ determined by ICJ.

7.      Both sides acknowledged the progress of the work of the JWG and were pleased with the outcome of the Meeting.

8.      The Third Meeting of the JWG shall be held in Thailand at a mutually agreed date.

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