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SRP and HRP announce political merger…It’s about time !

Courtesy from Smiley:  Proposed New Party Logo?

Cambodia’s main opposition party, the Sam Rainsy Party, and the Kingdom’s newest opposition party, the Human Rights Party, have agreed to a merger, the parties’ leaders said in a press conference from Manila today.

Sam Rainsy will be president of the new party – to be called “Cambodia Democratic Movement for National Rescue” – while HRP leader Kem Sokha will serve as vice president.
The two parties combined to earn more than 30 per cent of the popular vote in the recent commune council elections.

“The SRP and the HRP will unite in accordance with the Khmer people’s will in order to save Cambodia by bringing about political change to put an end to a dictatorship serving destructive foreign interests,” Rainsy and Sokha said in a joint statement issued today.
Both parties are extremely critical of long-serving Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government and have waged political campaigns on platforms calling for change and democracy.

“The two parties absolutely insist on a change in the composition of the National Election Committee and an overhaul of the current complicated election procedures that make voting unnecessarily difficult,” the two political leaders further stated.

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