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Opposition lawmaker Mu Sochua offered clemency…to draw salary

4/8/2012 PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) –

MP Moo Sochua gets back salary ($3,125.00) from Nat Ass. Oh happy day !

The Court of Appeal offered clemency to Sam Rainsy lawmaker Mu Sochua Friday, enabling her to resume drawing her National Assembly salary and to get her parliamentary immunity back.

Under the law, the opposition lawmaker will have her immunity restored in a month if there are no complaints against her.

“I have been waiting for justice for nearly three years, and the court has already cut my salary which is worth 16.5 million riel,(worth $3,125.00)” she told reporters after the hearing.

Prime Minister Hun Sen sued Mu Sochua in 2009 for defamation after she accused him of making derogatory remarks about her.(Sic មេស្រីជើងខ្លាំង!​How does he know? Mustn’t he had wrestled with her?)

The court cut her monthly salary at the National Assembly after she refused to pay a fine as ordered.

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