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Cambodia’s Parliament passes deal to send laborers to Qatar

PHNOM PENH, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) — Cambodian lawmakers on Friday unanimously adopted an agreement in order to make way for the country to send laborers to Qatar.

Ho Noun, Chairwoman of Commission on Labor and Vocational Training at the National Assembly, said that the manpower agreement between Cambodia and Qatar aimed at strengthening and expanding friendly relationship and cooperation between the two countries.

“The agreement is to study about the employment possibility in Qatar in order to send Cambodian workers there,” she said. “It will provide mutual benefits for the two nations.”

The passage was made after the ministers of Cambodia and Qatar signed a preliminary agreement to regulate the sending of laborers to the Middle Eastern emirate in May 2011.

Addressing the National Assembly session, Minister of Labor Vong Sauth said that the agreement is valid for 3 years and can be renewed every 3 years.

He said that currently, 124,889 Cambodian laborers have been working legally in Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. Those migrant workers have sent home about 200 million U.S. dollars a year.

An Bunhak, president of the Association of Cambodian Recruitment Agencies for Overseas Employment, said Friday that initially, the country planned to send some 3,000 workers to Qatar in a 6-month period.

Employment opportunities in Qatar are in service sector, catering industries, construction as well as oil and gas industry, he said, adding that they can earn between 350 U.S. dollars and 1, 500 U.S. dollars a month.


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