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Nat Ass approves law for workers going to Qatar…state enslavement law for poor

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) – The National Assembly unanimously approved Friday a law on the control and use of manual labor in Qatar.

Labor Minister Vong Soth said the law had been agreed to by heads of government and that the two countries had worked together for Cambodian workers to work legally in Qatar.

He said potential workers needed to know \”what the job market looks like there, and what requirements they need  compared with those of neighboring countries.\”

While the climate and customs of the oil-rich Gulf state are very different from Cambodia, he said salaries for skilled workers were higher than in neighboring countries.

Ho Naun, who chairs the National Assembly Commission on Health, Social Affairs, Youth, Vocational Training and Women\’s Affairs, said the law would make it easier to address challenges related to migrant workers.

Opposition Sam Rainsy Party spokesman Yim Sovan asked Cambodian ambassadors to protect workers from being abused.

Cheam Yeap, chairman of the National Assembly Commission for Economy, Banking and Finance, said the government had protected workers and helped created many garment factories offering jobs to a half of million people.

He appealed to the Ministry of Labor to offer youth training for jobs in Cambodia and abroad.

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