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Myanmar publishes lifted detailed list of over 2,000 black-listed persons

YANGON, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) — Myanmar government Thursday published detailed name list of 2,082 out of 6,165 black-listed persons lifted recently in line with the government’s current reform policy.

Of the 2,082 persons, 935 are Myanmar dissidents residing at home and abroad, while 1,147 are foreigners from various countries and regions, both the East and the West, according to the website of the President’s Office.

The Myanmar dissidents include those from anti-previous military government organizations in exile and media persons.

The lifting of the once black-listed Myanmar nationals, some of whom hold foreign citizenship, will encourage and enable them to return to Myanmar in light of Myanmar’s political and economic reform process, the official media said.

Since taking office on March 30, 2011, President U Thein Sein’s new government has, on a number of occasions, urged Myanmar experts residing abroad to come back home to join hands with the government to do their bit for economic prosperity and national development.

There still remains more than 4,000 people once black-listed by the previous military government.

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