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Opinion: Cambodian Politics over US President visit

26 September 2012 by Kok Sap
In spite of Cambodia current regime unpolished domestic policies and crude relations with the US, President Obama trip to Cambodia in November 2012,will be historic. Before the lapse of relation during the peak of ideological war in Viet Nam, Mrs. Kennedy was the last highest public figure from US to have set foot in Cambodia. This is a testimonial of history of US first Euro-African president to re-establish US friendship with Cambodia to last for decades to come.
Cambodian politicians, especially the opposition groups, seem agitating with wishful thinking that the President shall cancel the trip. Among Cambodian Americans in the US, there mixed feelings about the President planned visit. Some who support the opposition groups objected the visit. Other hand, pro Cambodian government groups can’t wait for this trip to happen. Also because Cambodia needs US endorsement in its bit for the UN Security Council  membership, the President visit may have a thing to do with it.
The benevolent groups and humanitarian advocates seemed to want the President to hear their raised concerns to his attention and will present them to PM Hun Sen to consider for reformation.
For the interests of all and Cambodia global place, President Obama visit will be a breaker or a maker to thaw out the numbed and stoic relations for all these years between Prime Minister Hun Sen and the White House occupier.
Admittedly Cambodia remains a very critical nation in human rights and rule of law in democracy in the world.  Also Cambodia’s rough relations with Thailand over its border and the same as Viet Nam that threatens the regional peace to continue among these historical enemies and neighbors. Thus the US President visit may strengthen the harmonious co-existence for all involved nations in this old US battle ground.

Nonetheless let us hope President Obama will hear us,the Cambodian Americans,in raising concerns and issues for him to consider a part of his dialogue with PM Hun Sen and his government to make changes for Cambodia and its role in world place.
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