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World Bank urges government to accelerate reforms

27 September 2012, PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) – The World Bank urged the Cambodian government Wednesday to accelerate reforms while taking a participatory approach to its National Strategic Development Plan.

Speaking at a meeting of the Development Partner Coordination Committee, World Bank Country Director Annette Dixon congratulated the government on its current development plan from 2009 to 2013.

“The country successfully overcame both the 2009 global downturn and the 2011 flood and has managed to sustain high economic growth, reduce poverty and improve critical health and education indicators,” she said.

Dixon noted that the government now aims “to build the necessary foundations of a middle income country.

“Its vision is that of a prosperous society with a strong economy that is diversified, dynamic, and resilient, and where there is an equitable distribution of opportunities.”
The new development plan will “play a key role in building the foundation to meet such a commendable vision,” she said, adding that development partners “stand ready to support the government.

“Reaching middle income country status is a challenging goal that will require adapting the NSDP to increase synergies to enhance development impact, speed up reforms to provide quality public service, promote sustainable and inclusive growth, enhance implementation and increase efficiency.”

Dixon said faster reforms were needed to “provide citizens high quality public service” while a participatory approach to the development plan would “increase synergies” between different stakeholders.

She also suggested promoting “inclusive and sustainable growth to ensure the benefits of development are shared with all the population and future generations.

At the same time, she called for strengthened monitoring and evaluation, and suggested linking ministry programs and budgets to the development plan to increase efficiency.
In separate remarks, Finance Minister Keat Chhon said the new plan for 2014-2018 would be prepared next year.

“This policy document will review progress, identify the main lessons to be learned and will guide us on where resources are to be allocated,” he said.

A second policy initiative, the Development Cooperation and Partnership Strategy, “constitutes the rules of the game for our development partnership and serve as a tool for mobilization of the external development resources.

“In both cases, the principle of transparency will be important guide in how we will work together in the future and how we must embrace partnership with other important development actors,” the finance minister said.


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27/09/2012 at 8:20 pm

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