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‘Bagel-heads’ are latest trend in Japan…got donut hole!

‘Bagel-heads’ are latest trend in Japan

Having a doughnut-shaped protrusion on your forehead may seem horrifying, but in Japan, that’s just what some people are doing.

According to citizen journalism site, Stomp, the latest facial modification trend requires saline solution to be pumped into your forehead for two hours.

Then, pressure is applied to the centre of the swollen area to form an indent.

The lump is said to last only for a day, before the solution is absorbed into the body.

And it is not just men who are sporting the extreme look.

Whether it is to look attractive or different, some people just want to stand out from the crowd.

Another reported trend are girls who go to great lengths to look like plastic dolls.

Besides spending hours putting on make-up, some even undergo cosmetic surgery to widen their eyes and sharpen their features.

From China, the UK and Ukraine, these girls’ amazing yet bizarre looks have garnered significant attention.

Click on the thumbnails for pictures of the latest “bagel-head” trend, and girls who look like living dolls.

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