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Cambodian, Thai legislators hail improving ties after border conflict calms down…Hun Sen has a crush on Ying Pheu Taii

កាពិសៀមដាក់ស្នេហ៍ឲ្យ ហ៊ុនសែន ដេកជោរ

PHNOM PENH, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) — Cambodian and Thai legislators on Friday praised improving relations between the two neighbors after the border row has calmed down since last July.

The admiration was made during a meeting between Cambodian President of National Assembly Heng Samrin and a group of visiting 6 Thai Senators led by Senator Phayab Thongchuen.

“The visit is to strengthen friendship relations and cooperation between Thailand and Cambodia,” Phayab told reporters after the meeting. “We agreed that the situation along the border is much improving so far. Peoples of both sides go to and fro easily.”

He said as it is only 3 years away towards the realization of an ASEAN Community, the peoples of Thailand and Cambodia should move closer to each other.

Meanwhile, Phayab extended an invitation letter of Thai Parliament President Somsak Kiatsuranont to Heng Samrin. The letter is to invite Heng Samrin to visit Thailand.

Speaking in the meeting, Heng Samrin said the delegation’s visit would help double efforts in improving friendship relations and solidarity between the two countries.

It would also increase cooperation between the two legislative bodies, he added.

Heng Samrin said he would arrange an appropriate time to see Thailand at the invitation.

Cambodia and Thailand has border conflict just a week after the UNESCO approved Cambodia’s bid to have the Preah Vihear temple named a World Heritage Site on July 07, 2008 and witnessed fierce clashes in February and April, 2011 during Thailand’s Democrat Party rule.

Thailand claims the ownership of 4.6 square kilometers (1.8 square miles) of scrub next to the temple.

However, the military tensions have eased since the former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s Pheu Thai Party won a landslide victory in the general elections in last July.

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