" Killing fields of Cambodia, not the only injustice for Cambodian victims only; but, it's for the whole humanity." A survivor

Khmer Republic was born on 9 October 1970

Khmer Republic was the first Republic that was proclaimed on 9 October 1970
Despite its short lived,Khmer Republic remains an undying dream that in the future its ghost will be risen again.

Kok Sap

Today, 42 years ago Khmer Republic was declared and proclaimed to the world. It was a breaking point for Kampuchea’s over 2,000 year history that was dominated by autocratic and single family despotic rule. Khmer Republic started a new page in abolishing the hereditary rule.

It’s a bittersweet memory and an up start for progressive movement for some of us who survived ideological and civil wars.



Written by Kham

10/10/2012 at 2:25 am

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