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Phay Siphan’s English skill is still rudimentary in mass communication

Phay Siphan’s English skill is too rudimentary in dealing with press

This is Mr.Phay Siphan original statement posted in his Facebook page regarding his closed doors beat the dogs (Voice of America and Free Asia Radio).Of course it is his words that counted because he is the mouthpiece of the Council of Ministers.

For a national government spokeperson,Phay Siphan skills in mass communication is critically poor. His proficiency in English is rudimentary and incomprehensible for an official communicator in dealing with foreign correspondents. He may need a facilater to interpret what he really says in English. This reflects DPM Sok An and his dearly Prime Minister incompetence.

“Dear all,
The reason of private meeting with VoA and RFA friends is not intimidation to pave away for CPP win in this coming general election. CPP and her RGC has been success and bless from the Cambodian for their trusted competence and loyal leadership for their hope,their future and their prosperity. From term to term we do not need those foreign sponsor radio or media to compaign for CPP but only our PEOPLE we trust, only the achievement to make less unhappy and hopeless for our beloved Cambodian. The majority Cambodian choice have been made in supporting CPP’s and the loyal and trust farmer son as PM who and his family are dedicating always to serve and to protect Cambodia without giving up or boycott their own responsibility or run away from. The will of majority Cambodian prove our achievement through their bless and cash their vote in the pass, present and the future.CPP and RGC even though the land slide supporting from Cambodian but we do need a free press always as partner for this democratical and open society but only the choice of those foreign sponsored radio stations chosse to be a quality of free press or a mouth piece contradict to their ethical. We do need them to enrich the people mind and choice with the bad part as criticism,but not offend as polical campaigning. Congratulation VOA and RFA as friend and partner and be my guess always. Best”


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  1. Can somehow understand in Khmer context.

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