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Cambodia greets 3.2 mln foreigners in Jan.-Nov. 2012

PHNOM PENH, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) — Cambodia has greeted some 3.2 million foreigners in the first eleven months of 2012, up 24 percent compared with 2.58 million visitors in the same period a year earlier, showed the latest statistics of Tourism Ministry on Thursday.

From January to November last year, Vietnam topped the chart among the top ten arrivals to the country with 699,650 visitors, up 24 percent year-on-year, followed by South Korea with 367,950 visitors, up 21 percent, and China with 297,920, up 35 percent, the report said.

It added that its neighbors — Laos and Thailand — ranked No. 4 and 5 respectively. About 225,020 Laotians and 177,320 Thais visited Cambodia during the period, up 95 percent and 75 percent respectively.

According to the report, 48 percent of visitors came to Cambodia by air, 50 percent by overland ways and the rest by waterway.

The report also said that during the period, around 726,220 Cambodians traveled overseas, up 13 percent year-on-year.

Tourism is one of the four pillars supporting Cambodian economy. In 2011, the sector attracted 2.88 million foreign tourists, earning 1.91 billion U.S. dollars.

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