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Hun Sen Begs Thai Authorities to Respect Both Governments’ Policies

4-01-2013 AKP
Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, urged the Cambodian and Thai provincial authorities along the border to act in accordance with either Royal Government’s policies.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of different achievements in Pailin, a northwestern province bordering with Thailand’s Chanthaburi province, Hun Sen warned the Thai authorities “not to often close and open the border gates as they switch buttons”.

“Please be careful, if the border closes permanently, it will be a big loss for Thailand, not Cambodia,” he stressed, explaining that the Thai exports to Cambodia were at over US$2,000 million per year, while the Cambodian exports to Thailand only more than US$200 million.

The Cambodian premier’s reaction was made after there have been reports over the closing of border from the Thai side.

Meanwhile, Hun Sen also called for good relations and cooperation between the Cambodian and Thai authorities and peoples along the border.
by Khan Sophirom

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