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Cambodian PM urges officials to declare assets to Anti-Corruption Unit

PHNOM PENH, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) — Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday appealed to government officials to declare their assets to the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) for the second time as the deadline approaches.

“I have declared my assets to the ACU already and I’d like to appeal to other officials to hurry to declare their assets to the unit as the deadline is getting close,” he said during a land- titling ceremony in northern Stung Treng province.

All senior officials are obligated to declare their assets to the government’s ACU every two years. The first declaration was in 2011 and the second one began on Jan. 1 and will be ended on Jan. 31.

Hun Sen said as of Jan. 20, some 14,177 officials, or 62 percent of the total 23,000 officials in the state’s 37 institutions, have declared their assets to the unit.

Cambodian government sees corruption as a major obstacle to economic development, rule of law, democracy, social stability, as well as the main cause of poverty.

The country made the Anti-Corruption Law and promulgated it on April 17, 2010. In the same year, the Anti-Corruption Unit was launched.

Since the launch, the ACU has investigated corruption cases and brought a number of corrupt officials to court for legal punishment.

According to the law, a corrupt official, if found guilty, will be jailed between 5 years and 15 years.

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