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ECCC: Cambodian Side Needs Some US$7 Million for 2013

AKP  25-01- 2013

The Cambodian side of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) urgently needs some US$7 million for this year, H.E. Sok An, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in charge of the Office of the Council of Ministers (OCM) told Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia H.E. Masafumi Kuroki in a meeting here earlier this week.

Incompetent Chairman Sok An

Incompetent Chairman Sok An

Cambodia is hoping that new donors and existing friends of the ECCC will come up with new contribution to meet the shortfall since the Cambodian staff have not yet received their salaries since November of last year, said H.E. Sok An, who is also the Chairman of the Royal Government Task Force on the Khmer Rouge Trials.

The Cambodian DPM said that the Royal Government of Cambodia has contributed its maximum effort, with this year’s contribution reaching US$1.8 million, three times larger than its initial commitment of US$0.5 million in 2006, Mr. Ek Tha, Spokesman for the OCM’s Press and Quick Reaction Unit said.

H.E. Sok An added that Cambodia has to face the reality that it cannot further increase this already significant contribution without jeopardizing the country’s judicial reform program, as the funds for the ECCC already exceed the commitment from the national budget to the country’s Supreme Court by 300 percent and to the Appeals Court by 257 percent. Putting together the Cambodian government contribution in kind and in cash, Cambodia has already paid US$16.9 million from 2006 to 2012.

Both H.E. Sok An and H.E. Masafumi Kuroki called for new donors, including countries in the region, to come forward with contribution to support the ongoing trial of the senior leaders of Democratic Kampuchea regime, which ruled the country from Apr. 17, 1975 till early 1979, during which time nearly 2 million people died of starvation, execution, disease and forced labor.

Japan is the largest donor, having contributed more than 44 percent, or US$79 million, of the ECCC total budget since 2006.

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