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Opinion: Corrupt power is power corrupted?

Is stealing work time a crime? Surely it is!

Ethicist said, “just to think about to do it, if you were charged with official duty and public trust, it’s already unethical and a theft.“

Steal and exploitation or intent to cheat is a sin in the Buddhist thinking. Moreover under the law, it is criminal and immoral to infringe on governmental oath and codes of ethics.

But in Cambodia, no one dared to think or speak up about such societal problems. There seemed to be no body business to be concerned about the officials’ unbecoming conducts and abuses of power. The gossips go on viral that the governmental high officials and notable elitists in the ministerial ranks have chatted away and have flirted online with young but married women; especially, the chatter boxes on Facebook and Skype during work hours?

Presently on the social media pages and networks there is no mechanism or codes to stop people from surfing internet and stay on line indefinitely.

No one paid attention to Cambodian toothless laws or individual sense of responsibility. Usually they are poor in morality and ethical value and esteem in self censorship and governmental accountability.

So they say, in Cambodia, the most corrupted people are the ones hold too much power in government.

The questions go:


Will this be egregious enough for the proper Anti Corruption Unit attention to prosecute and investigate such behaviors?

Is Cambodian government full of these flawed characters and so what will the government do to curb this?

Are they the public servants or the philandering beasts in disguises under the governmental seals to seek and to satisfy own sexual appetites online?

Are these mischievous and lascivious activities, at the public expenses from the foreign donation and taxation, criminal acts?

Are the allegations true and substantial?

Is this part of their daily activities at work and on the official clock?

Now, I am wondering if you ,yes you the ministers, have done that too ?



Written by Kham

24/08/2014 at 6:24 pm

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