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Thai Muslim group demands removal of film clip…focus focus,film no hurt, Siam oppresssion does

Siam staged Protesters paid for by Royal boys

Asia News Network 28 September 2012

Some 300 Thai-Muslims gathered outside the US Embassy yesterday and then later at a building where Google Thailand is based to protest that the film deemed offensive to Islam be removed from the Google-owned online streaming service Youtube.

A number of angry protesters threw bottles and other objects into the embassy compound and tried shoving the riot police stationed to protect the US mission when nobody from the embassy appeared to receive their complaints. They calmed down when the protest leaders insisted that using peaceful means was their only solution.

The group then walked to CentralWorld, where Google Thailand is based, and demanded that it remove the “Innocence of Muslims” video clip from YouTube, saying that its online presence violated the cyber-crime law as well as a court decision banning the clip from being shown or featured in Thailand. A Google employee received their written complaint and promised to proceed with their demand.

The protesters gave Google until midnight yesterday to remove the clip or it would “face legal action under Thai law”. The group then held a prayer outside the complex before dispersing peacefully.

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